Dreaming Eagle Designs is now Jennifer Dean Shop

Welcome to Jennifer Dean Shop. I have made some major changes to the website since you last visited and so excited for more to come. Here you can shop my handmade jewelry, shop my closet, beauty blog sale, and any artwork that I make available for sale to the public. I will be adding to the beauty blog sale and closet sections soon, but in the mean time, you can still shop my handcrafted jewelry with a new lower pricing structure across most items.

Dreaming Eagle Designs was focused solely on my handmade jewelry and didn’t encompass everything I am doing now. Not only is having multiple websites expensive, it is also more limiting and time consuming to manage.

Since I no am longer making any jewelry now, after a couple of major, long term injuries, and I have shifted my focus to my blog, artwork, and other projects, the previous website no longer sparked joy how it was. It felt limited and like it needed to change and grow with me since I have changed and grown so much since I started it several years ago. I now want to have a place where all of my interests can come together under one name and all in one shop that is easier for both my followers/clients to find everything, and for me to manage.

I will still sell what jewelry I have available , here while  it lasts, and may make new pieces when I am able to in the future, but I can now direct my blog and other online ventures to this one shop. I will be able to have other content on here, going forward as well, and am really excited for the opportunities ahead and to have everything consolidated here. Some of my current projects that are in the works will be revealed here when they are completed.

The domain for dreamingeagledesigns.com will still lead here for a few months, but please be sure to change any bookmarks you have to my new website address jenniferdeanshop.com

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