Do you accept Custom Orders?
No, I am unable to take any custom orders, nor requests to change my finished works that are currently available. All hand made jewelry is sold as is and can not be customized. I am not making any new jewelry at this time. 


Do you have a Physical Store where I can come to shop in person?

No, My Shop is online only and my studio is not open to the public. 

What are Aura Quartz Crystals? 
Aura quartz crystals are regular clear or white quartz crystals that have been color enhanced with various precious metals to achieve brilliant colors. This is achieved via an electrostatic process where the crystals are placed into a vacuum and charged opposite the desired precious metal. Heat is applied and then the chosen precious metal (ie. gold) is put into the vacuum and it adheres to the quartz crystals.  This is done repeatedly, turning the crystals so that all sides are covered.  Below I have listed the Aura crystal and what metal it is treated with to achieve the color.

Aqua Aura = Gold
Celestial Aura (also called Tanzine Aura, Indium Aura, Tanzan Aura,) = Indium, Gold, and Niobium
Opal Aura (also called Angel Aura or Pearl Aura) = Platinum and Silver
Rainbow Aura (also called Titanium Aura) - Titanium
Rose Aura (also called Ruby Aura or Raspberry Aura) = Gold and Silver
Royal Aura ( also called Flame Aura, Cobalt Aura) = Titanium and Niobium
Sunshine Aura (also called Orange Aura, Copper Aura, Tangerine Sun Aura, Imperial Gold Quartz, Golden Aura ) = Iron and Gold


What is 14K Gold Filled?
14K Gold Filled Wire, or often called Rolled Gold, is a thick layer of solid 14 karat gold applied using heat and pressure to a base metal (in this case, Brass).  This is not the same as gold plate. Gold Filled wire is literally a tube of solid 14k gold filled with a base metal. Gold filled wire contains 100 times more gold than gold plate and will not rub or wear off. i use 14/20 Gold Filled wire in all my Gold Filled Creations. Gold Filled wire is a much more affordable way to wear real gold without having to spend thousands of dollars per piece. I have a metal allergy and can only wear real gold and sterling silver and all of the wire I use in my jewelry has been tested on myself first to ensure quality. The 14K Rose Gold filled is also 14/20. It's just the rose color instead of yellow.


Do you offer Wholesale?

No, I currently offer my items for sale to retail customers for personal use only.


Do you sell on Consignment?



Do you offer Layaway or Payment Plans, or will you Hold an item for me until (X) date?

No. All orders must be paid in full at time of purchase. We can not offer interest-free lines of credit or other financial services that would require credit checks. 

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